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America’s decreasing role in faith worldwide…

An article in today’s news reported that the worldwide Anglican Communion has suspended The Episcopal Church (Protestant Episcopal Church in the USA – PECUSA) for its stand on gay marriage.  While some action was expected many thought it might be that the more conservative bishops may split.  Instead they rallied and have sharply disciplined the […]

The Fun Warden…

“Okay, let’s make sure we leave enough time to get back before dark.” “Settle down. Don’t get carried away.”  “That’s not appropriate.”  Just a few of the tag lines that earned me the name of “fun warden.” Don’t get me wrong, I was always looking for a good time – chasing the baboons through the […]

Spell-Checking, Fact-Checking, and truth as a Christian Witness

A recent article in the Layman (http://www.layman.org/covenant-network-bisexuality-basics-honoring-the-bi-in-pres-bi-terian/) has prompted this first blog post.  We are all acquainted with the computer based spell check programs that, on occasion, change the word we spell to something else.  I recently received a note where the word “seem” came across as “Sean.”  Quite likely the author typed something like […]